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About Us

Would you like to hear a short story about three young entrepreneurs? We can tell you ours!

We are all born & raised in Zurich, Switzerland and are happy to still be calling it our home. Connected through friendship and a shared interest for ecological innovations, we’ve been developing and brainstorming for quite some time. Always in our mind was our vision to have our own little company one day. Well this day is already here, because we’ve decided to take the risk, make a big step on to the entrepreneurial path and the result of it is right in front of you - this online store!

We’ve put a lot of passion, love, creativity, new ideas, innovative energy and plenty of work into it and are proud to present you the outcome. Hopefully we have drawn your interest and with a little bit of luck, we can call you a satisfied customer in the near future.

By producing wooden products we’ve seen a chance to have it both, a stylish & modern high quality accessory and an environmental friendly good - easy to fit in your pocket and being at your service whenever you want to use it.

Our products combine wood + technology, or as someone with a Swiss accent would pronounce it phonetically: [wudtek]

The products and brand display our values and our wishes. They are about enjoying life, every day, with keeping sustainability in mind, listening to music on a modern technology device, through a high quality product.

This project is about eco-friendliness, it respects nature as it is given to us by our planet, doesn’t take the diversity of the flora & fauna for granted, wants to serve you with quality goods and tries to give back as much as possible by using 100% recyclable packaging materials for all our orders.

Thanks for the support!


The [wudtek] Team

We're currently on an adventure - you won't be able to purchase our products online for the time being. Please visit collab Zürich to shop our full range.